See how much things cost, from dormitories and bedding, to salaries and future projects. Sometimes it is difficult to work out accurate costs, the Kenyan economy doesn't function in quite the same way as ours, building trades overlap to some extent, and workmen might be paid according to the time they spend. Things do sometimes go wrong and there might be 'extra' costs associated with a particular project that are hard to track down. Included below are some typical costs.

The first phase of constructing the dormitories is now complete and most materials have been bought. Approximate costs per child:

  • Bed - £20
  • Mattress - £10
  • Pillows and pillow cases - £5
  • Blankets - £5
  • Shelves for clothes - £20
  • Sheets - £5

Costs for boarders
The first children to board at the school were admitted in January 2012 and these children need food, clothes and medical attention.

  • Education - £60 per year
  • Food - basic foods, maize, rice and beans - £200 per year
  • Medical needs, also soaps, toothpaste etc. - £35 per year
  • Clothing - school uniform around £25 per year

Salaries for teachers and care staff

  • Head teacher - £110 per month
  • Teacher - £60 per month
  • Matron - £50 per month
  • Cook - £30 per month
  • Gardener / night watch man - £30 per month

Capital Projects
There are a number of current projects, including:

  • The £5500 grant given by the Kitchen Table Charities Trust has been allocated specifically for all aspects of water harvesting, including a second tank, washing, sanitation, plumbing and to expand the capacity for electricity. This is a major step forward for the school and will enable the development of those vital everyday services which we so easily take for granted.
  • £500 from Hebe's fund has been set aside for a play area.
  • Building materials for the water tank house costing several hundred pounds have been purchased.
  • Gate for the entrance has been erected, approximate cost £200.

Future projects include:

  • Ceilings for the dormitories
  • Covered veranda between classrooms
  • Water pipes to transport water from gutters
  • Concrete basins in toilet block for clothes washing
  • Doors and floor in the toilet block
  • Admin room
  • Water tank- drinking water
  • Water tank- cooking
  • Plumbing from dormitories to septic tank
  • Extend electricity supply

 More information will be added from time to time.