The Project's constitution was adopted on 14th May 2010 as a preliminary to its registration with the Charity Commission on 21st December 2010. Its stated objective is to operate in the district of Naivasha, Kenya, in particular but not exclusively for orphaned children:

1) To advance education by establishing, supporting and developing a school.

2) To promote and protect the good health through the provision of food, health checks for children, and relationship education within the curriculum, providing safe residential care placements for orphaned children, and by such other means as the trustees deem fit.

We are concerned with education and training, the prevention or relief of poverty, accommodation and housing, religious activities and amateur sport, in the area of benefit, Naivasha, Kenya. Our activities include building and maintaining a residential school that provides care and education for orphaned and vulnerable primary school age children.

The trustees are:

Mr John Sleet
Mrs Myra Smith
Mrs Jill Wadsworth