My name is Wangari Cecilia Karuri. I was born in Kenya, joined the missionaries and worked in Spain, Mexico, Latin America, and in Costa Rica.

As a young child I witnessed the suffering of the orphans and destitute children in my society. I could not help noticing the problems caused by ignorance and the plight of my people. So many were orphaned through AIDS, related epidemics, and poor hygiene. These experiences bothered me a lot and I kept wondering what could be done to address the situation. This was the beginning of my dream for something better.
Their cry made a big impact in my heart, which consumed me and I developed great passion and love for the orphans and the poor. Thus after my secondary school I decided to work as a volunteer in the slums of Nairobi mostly with the orphans. I lived with desperate children most of them victims of AIDS with neither hope nor choice in life. Their suffering and cry for love, to have a future, dignity and shelter touched my heart and I felt I had to make a difference.

 One thing has always been very clear to me: education is essential in the fight against poverty. It is extremely necessary for the most vulnerable in the community. I had to do something in the line of education - I decided to build a school.
I left the missionaries because I felt far away from these children and I wanted to be one with them, with one dream, to fight poverty through education. Then, I began my humble fight by supporting some of these orphaned children, sending them to other schools and paying their fees.
Through personal savings and great sacrifices over a long time I bought 5 acres of land at Kahuru Village, Naivasha, Nyandarua District, Kenya, and the work began. I had the architect draw a plan, and got government permission to build the school but then I was financially stuck. My dream seemed like an illusion because financially, I could never be able to build a school. I began to talk with friends who supported my ideas. These very close friends formed the Karuri School Project and that was all I needed to uphold the dream. The numbers of Karuri's friends have been growing ever since.
We began to carry out fundraising activities and soon we formed a charity trust. I have been blessed to have friends who are willing to work in whatever way they can to help the poor and vulnerable by supporting Karuri School Project.