The Giving Machine. How to raise funds for the Karuri School Project simply by shopping online.

The Giving Machine is actually a charity in it's own right, it is a portal that is set up to allow other charities to get donations when supporters shop online at any of the thousands of retailers they are linked with.  Instead of commission being paid to the main search engines for linking there, the commission is paid to The Giving Machine, and you can choose which charity the money is paid to. It is free for you and is a very easy way for the Karuri School Project to gain much needed funds.  Follow the step-by-step guide below to get going – all you have to do once you’re registered is shop online!

The Giving Machine - a Step-by-Step Guide

* Click on "Join" (top right hand corner).
* Join using either your email address or one of the Social Networking sites.
* Complete the form which gives your details and allows you to create a password.
* Enter The Karuri School Project in the area marked ‘Select Causes to Support’.
* When the project name comes up click on ‘Add’.  That’s it – you are now registered and when you go through this site to access online retailers you will generate donations for us which don’t cost you a penny!

The important thing to remember is that every time you wish to shop online you first login to the Giving Machine site and then access the store(s) you want to shop in!  If you don’t do this we won’t receive any money at all.

Once logged into The Giving Machine site, you can search for favourite stores from a very wide range; once you’ve found the store you wish to shop in click ‘Shop now’ and it will take you through to the normal site for that store.

That’s all there is to it!  Please consider registering and selecting the Karuri School Project to support. We would really appreciate it.

There are lots of other ways you can help, directly or indirectly. Here are some ideas:
  • Make a direct donation. At present we don't have our own online donation scheme, but you can use Virgin Money Giving to make a direct donation (see our Donations page). Alternatively just email us from the "Contact us" page if you want to donate, and we will get back to you with bank details or if you wish we can provide standing order forms and gift aid instructions.
    • Support our range of fundraising events. The Karuri School Project has successfully held, amongst other events, a cattle drive to raise money to purchase a cow (£550) a quiz night (£400) and two Wassailing evening (£500). If you would like to keep abreast of our fundraising events, please keep an eye on our news pages, or complete the contact form and leave your email address.
    • Invite us to speak at a local meeting, host a lunch or dinner with a presentation or help develop school participation in your area. Members of the committee have spoken at Women's' Institutes, the Mothers' Union, Guild of Friendship, Rotary Clubs and many local schools.
    • Involve your local community or church. In the past, projects have included knitting red sweaters and quilts for the school children and donating money raised from a Messy Church Christmas party.
    If you think of a good way you might be able to help or if you just want to make a donation, please let us know using the contact form. The Karuri School Project is run entirely by volunteers, so all money received will go directly to help the work of the school in Kenya.