We need funds urgently for medical help, food and education.

Sponsoring the school by giving regular monthly donations will provide sustained help. Any amount of money will be very welcome and will go directly to the school - nothing is taken for administration. As a guide, £35 provides for the care, education and food for one child for one month, but any amount from £2 per month will give much appreciated support to the school.

At present we are not able to provide regular feedback in the "sponsor a child" scheme for two reasons. Firstly it is quite difficult to only provide for a specific child when there is so much need for all the basic essentials of life throughout the whole school, so sponsored children could become especially privileged at the expense of those children who have nothing. Secondly it is very hard to provide regular updates for a child's progress because of problems with mail, and of course there is no internet facility at or anywhere near the school.

Our view is that it's a much better plan to sponsor the school, rather than a child, as the money will then go where it is most needed. We will attempt to provide photos of the children on a regular basis, and there will be case studies and pen-pictures in the School and Children section.




So if you feel able to offer a regular monthly payment please use one of these options:


You can set up a regular payment online at VirginMoneyGiving:

VMG button


Or you can contact us using the email form in our "Contact us" section. Ask for a standing order form.