Christmas Gift Certificates: December 2015

This  year's £5 Gift certificate was designed by a year 7 student at Thomas Becket School. Please contact John directly or through our contacts page if you would like one or more. This marks a growing link between the Project and this Northampton secondary school. There will be more about this in the next newsletter.

Friday 4th December 2015 Christmas Concert

Once again our Christmas season was sparked by this year's concert on 4th December by the wonderful Hunsbury Harmonettes who treated us to a wide variety of festive music played to an appreciative audience at the Sacred Heart Church in Weston Favell. The evening which included raffles, mulled wine and the now obligatory canapés raised almost £700. A big thanks also to Carmel whose hand-knitted nativity scene was raffled and raised a further £111.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard during the evening and to all who joined us on the night.
Skydive by Pete Holmes and Chrissie Collins: Sunday 22nd November 2015.  
If jumping out of a plane wasn't stressful enough for a recently retired person of a certain age, Chrissie Collins had to endure the frustration of being unable to complete the skydive on a lovely clear and calm day at the end of October due to the oversight of an unstamped medical certificate! Undaunted, she was then repeatedly thwarted by inclement weather but her persistence finally paid off and the sponsored jump was successfully completed a month later.
Our thanks and admiration go out to Chrissie and to Pete (who completed the jump on the appointed October day); their collective efforts raised over £3000 so a big thank you to everyone who sponsored them.



Coffee and Cakes: Friday 11th September 2015

A traditional "Coffee and Cakes" morning was held at the Sacred Heart Church, Pyramid Close, Weston Favell, Northampton between 10.15 am and 12.30 pm. There was a "Bring and Buy" sale there as well, all proceeds going to the Karuri School Project. Thanks to eveyone, we raised a total of £220.

Northampton Half Marathon: 6th September 2015

The weather was much kinder for the half marathon than it was for the garden party, and was ideal for those running because the warm sunshine was moderated by a cool northerly wind. The race started at the Guildhall, and included a tour of Northampton's heritage area then headed out of town for some picturesque countryside running before ending at Delapre Park.

Ashwin Dubay of ZES Care completed the full course in 2 hours 13 minutes, and his colleagues Sakshi and Michele completed the 5k course. Congratulations to all of them, and a big thank you from everyone here at the Karuri School Project for supporting us.

Summer Garden Party: 30th August 2015

Salvaged Party!   Friends, family, and Karuri supporters having cakes, cocktails and afternoon tea in the hot August sunshine, listening to live music............that is how we planned our first garden party on 30th August. The reality was the usual Bank Holiday deluge which meant all plans were abandoned. A few hardy souls were not deterred, however, and simply waited for the all too brief dry interlude in the evening and turned up with wellies and brollies like hardened British holidaymakers.

A big thank you to Gerald Claridge, Track 2 and Last Resort for the entertainment ; thanks mostly to one extremely generous benefactor, we raised an incredible  £1295 on the night with the promise of further donations via VMG. This amount is almost the exact sum required to fund the school for one month so well done everyone.

Thanks also go to John and Sue for opening up their home and garden, for allowing their wet and muddy guests in and out, and of course for providing the refreshments inspired by W. Somerset Maughan's novel "Cakes and Ale" (but in the end an equally appropriate title to borrow might have been his short story "Rain" !)

 Karuri School Project, Summer Concert

The recent concert raised £420. Many thanks to the Hunsbury Harmonettes who once again provided a fabulous evening's entertainment.

 Some information from Jill Wadsworth

"I will soon be sending another huge parcel to Josphat Nkuki who will ensure the safe delivery of all the items to Wangari. Saying thank you will never get boring whilst I continue to receive so many gifts. Walking into WI meetings to give talks, attending Federation days or just having a knock on our front door, to be given more knitted sweaters, hats and bedcovers, woollen toys or a beautifully made quilt, is always a fantastic reminder of just how many generous friends I have made because of the Karuri School Project."

"I am also going to give a talk to young pupils in a village school in Abbots Ripton to tell them just how lucky they are and to show what life is like in The Sacred Heart School in Kenya. Hopefully pupils from the two schools will be able to write to each other as the lovely headteacher is very keen for her pupils to be made aware of those children who are less fortunate than themselves. It will certainly be a very positive development if this comes about. Watch this space."

"My thanks to everyone. "
Jill Wadsworth

Words from Wangari: June 2015

"Greetings from us all. Thank you so much for the support and funds. On behalf of the children I am very grateful. Every penny goes to the right job and I see great progress in the school. My greatest joy is to see a sad, wounded, neglected and under nourished child being transformed, to a joyful healed child, growing into self confidence with improved health."

"Thank you for the gifts of clothes and blankets. The children were delighted and very excited.
For Hebe’s memorial, we had interhouse competition games (the children have been divided into teams) - football, volleyball, netball, table tennis and a running race. Believe me, the neighbours came to watch after the noise and the joy landed to their ears!
It is through your great sacrifices that these children can enjoy life, feel accepted and loved. Thank you all."  -  Wangari

News from the school, June 2015

We are proud to announce that we now have a Nursery Class! The money for the classroom was given by Karuri School Project and we wish this new venture every success.
Thanks to the money raised from paying students, Wangari has been able to build both a chicken and a rabbit house. Her mother kindly donated 21 chicks and Wangari has purchased 15 rabbits.

New pupils include Mbugua, an orphan from Mathare slums in Nairobi. He joined the school last September, a  neglected and traumatised child, unable to concentrate in class. Now he is a transformed child - bright and happy. Another orphan, with a  physical disability has joined the school. We wish them, and all the other pupils, continued success in the future. 

Fundraising and donations, May 2015 (see our ideas for helping page for more information about the Giving Machine)

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Karuri School Project via the Virgin Giving site. So far over£300 has been raised.

The Women's Institute  continue to support us and recent bag sales have raised almost £1000. Thanks to Jill Wadsworth and her many friends and supporters.

We have a growing number of pennies for our 'Coppers for Karuri' fund. Anyone can take part in this event, all you have to do is collect any spare coppers in a suitable container - jar, box, bottle etc. When it is full, ring  John on 07982 511029 and he will collect it or make arrangements for banking it. Optimistically, we are trying to collect a million pennies over the next year!

Quiz Night, 24th April 2015.

The Friday Quiz was another great success, and a total of £505 was raised, including £124.10 for the ordinary raffle and £100.62 for the Paddington raffle. Our thanks go to St. Gregory's School for use of their hall, and to everyone who helped, especially John for setting the quiz, and Sheila and Margaret for catering. We have a growing number of pennies for our 'Coppers for Karuri' box.

Coffee Morning,  28th March 2015

The Saturday Coffee Morning at Kingsley Park Methodist Church raised £100 for the school. Thanks to everyone who supported this event by buying coffee and bacon sandwiches, and by donating gifts of cakes and plants.

 January 2015, Crop Harvest in Kenya:

Last year was a bad year for growing crops in Kenya. The prolonged drought made growing difficult, and because harvests were poor, prices of essential foods were much higher than usual. We are lucky in Britain, we can just go to the nearest supermarket and buy whatever we want. It's not like that in Naivasha and although small amounts of food are available Wangari needs to plan well in advance for feeding the children. In order to do this through the year she needs to buy large quantities of rice, beans and maize at the right time while the prices are best. We hoped to provide enough money for her to do this, and to raise £2000 before Christmas. Every donation in December helped towards our "Food for a Year" campaign. We asked our supporters to think about Christmas and what it means to our families, and to consider helping Wangari and her children by making a donation. Details are on our "How to Help" pages, where you can either make an on-line donation through the Hebe Holmes Memorial Fund, or post a cheque made out to "Karuri School Project Trust" directly to Karuri School Project, 152 Bush Hill, Northampton, NN3 2PG.