2018 has seen a marked change in the status of the school. There has been constant improvement and development over the last 10 years, and now the school is a well established respectable part of the community. As well as offering places for a wide social range of children, the school now provides accommodation for teachers and employment for some local people. With these changes in Kenya, the activities and responsibilities of the support group in Northampton have also changed. It is still absolutely vital to raise money for the school, but the excitement of seeing new buildings rise brick by brick has become a memory, and the rapid increase in pupil numbers has settled and stabilized. The first cow and its calf have been joined by others, and by chickens and sheep in the drive to become self sufficient. Wangari continues to pour all her efforts into the school community, and although she is still dependent on the Karuri School Project, there is less "new" news to report. For this reason we won't be updating the News Pages on this website quite as often, and the Newsletters will become the principal media for information. We are still so grateful to all our sponsors, and we will continue to apply for funding from outside sources; just because we don't have so much to report doesn't mean that we don't need your contributions, so please carry on donating! Thank you