This is where you can see related articles that have been published in newspapers and magazines. They will be available to download as pdf files, and where relevant a link has been provided to the original source if it is viewable on-line.

Bagging a new school

'Bagging a new school'
WI Life
October 2013 page 16

Cow for Karuri

'Cow for Karuri'
The Vine
November 2011 page 6

Boost for Karuri School

'Boost for Karuri School'
The Vine
September 2011, page 12

Final Report

'Wangari shares her story'
Final Report - Women reaching women - WI
April 2011 page 15

Women reaching women - update

'Women Reaching Women Update'
Huntingdon & Peterborough WI News
April 2011, page7


'Women Reaching Women'
Huntingdon and Peterborough WI News
November 2009, page 7


'Northampton School's fund is gift of hope'
Northampton Chronicle and Echo
May 2009


The Vine, May 2016 page 6

St Gregory's Catholic Primary School receive
an Apostolic Blessing. The Vine, May 2016.