Newsletters, July 2018.

Olivia has now taken over the editor's role from Patricia, and will be producing the newsletters two or three times each year. Our thanks go to Patricia for her past involvement and also to Olivia for taking on this somewhat difficult responsibility.

Wangari's UK visit. April 2018

Wangari has now returned to Kenya after a very successful visit to Northampton during March. The weather here was a good deal colder than in Kenya, but the warmth of the reception given by old friends and colleagues overcame the vagaries of the English wind and rain. The Karuri School Project Team put together a schedule of places to go and people to meet, so intense that it looked a bit like a school timetable with every day filled and visits often planned right down to hours and minutes. There were too many events to mention here, but some highlights are shown in the latest newsletter, which you can download from our newsletter page. From Schools Assemblies to WI meetings, from Messy Church to the Good Loaf, from Tools for Self Reliance to The Lions Club, Wangari kept on smiling and telling the story of her school with a passion that is infectious, a passion that built her dream and continues to inspire others.

Of course there are many people to thank, but our special thanks go to Helen and Claire for providing accommodation, John, Myra Sheila and Chrissie for organizing the visits and arranging transport, Jill and Margaret for the hospitality and the food, Carmel, Marina and Sue for organizational support, and to Patricia for producing the April 2018 newsletter. If we've missed anyone then please accept our apologies, drop us an email and we'll add you in. Oh, and of course we mustn't forget Wangari herself - thank you for giving so much of your life to the children in your care!

We can't cover all the events but a selection of photos are shown below.


 These photos are from Wistow, where Wangari met the WI members who have raised money and donated items for the school.


 Bob and his colleagues from "Tools for Self Reliance" and "Walk for a Cause" have been very supportive, as have Kate and the Messy Church crew from Kingsley Park Methodist Church.


 Wangari is the Heart of the project, while the Karuri School Project Team are the life blood.


 The donations from Individual Sponsors and Community Groups help keep the school going by paying towards the teachers' salaries.


 Wangari has presented in her own unique style to School Assemblies, WI groups, and to the Northampton 80 Lions Club.



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