The school occupies 5 acres of land at Kahuru Village, Nyandarua district, Kenya, northwest from Nairobi. Kahuru Village is about twenty kilometres by road north-east of Naivasha, or 11 kilometers as the crow flies. Naivasha itself is a small market town in the Rift Valley Province located on the shore of Lake Naivasha, and which has a population around 15,000.

At an elevation of around 2000m, the climate is suited to agriculture, including flower farming, and the surrounding area is becoming popular with tourists.

 The school grounds are outside Kahuru Village but within easy reach of the surrounding villages. These are too far away from the larger towns of Nakuru and Naivasha for the children to travel daily. It is important that children are able to walk to the school.
The location was chosen for several reasons. The area around Naivasha is one of the poorest and most highly marginalised regions of Kenya, and often severely affected by drought. The people are very poor, mainly depending on agriculture for their daily living, and with an average income of about £1 a day. AIDS and other epidemics are widespread, with a consequence of a high population of orphaned and destitute children. In spite of this, it has a calm and peaceful environment, suitable for education.
In the Google map below you can see where the school is located, and if you switch to satellite view and zoom right in you can see the main building with it's red roof, and the teachers' accommodation at the lower edge of the plot.The building in the centre is the kitchen, with the water storage tanks in the top corner, and the toilet block beside the track that runs diagonally down to the left.  If you zoom in on the map view you can see there aren't many proper roads!