Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Kahuru Village, Kenya.

Sacred Heart Primary School is a Catholic School for boys and girls, catering for day students and boarders aged from 4. It embraces a happy ethos combining formal education with the joy of living. The school motto is Study, Discipline, Prayer, Hard Work, and Knowledge.

First of all, the school is really much more than just another school. As well as providing an excellent education for children in a calm learning environment, it plays an important role in the local community by offering responsibilities to local familes.

The school was built by Wangari Karuri during 2010, and has grown to a position of prominence in the area since then. Students of all backgrounds are welcome, we have no division on tribal or cultural basis. Lessons are conducted mainly in the English language, with some in Swahili. Our aim is to allow our students to progress to a high level of education.

Our school is indeed fortunate to have a spacious location. As well as the main classrooms there are dormitories, kitchens, toilet blocks, houses for teachers, gardens for growing vegetables, and pens for sheep, cattle, hens, and rabbits. One of the main crops is cabbage, food that is very rich in fibre, vitamin C and K. The humble cabbage is one of the healthiest foods in the world, and home grown cabbages supplement the diet of the school boarders.

Places for children are available, please contact the school administration staff by phone, post, or e-mail. Details are on the Contact page